How to search database and get info from one entry based on one variable/input


I’m building an order status page, where I can enter an order id number and then get all the relevant information from that specific order into a page (address, customer name, status, etc.). In other words, I want to get a variable (order id) from an input box, search my database and extract the relevant information from the entry that contains that id.

Is that possible? Can anyone please help? :slight_smile:

Do a search for Orders: order id = order id input’s value: first item

That will return the matching order.

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Epic. Worked perfectly. Thanks! :raised_hands:

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could you please explain, for example, if you have a database that contains a link, and title (2 fields in total).

in the page called search page:
if you enter a title in the search box then click submit to return a text saying “Go to page” and when you click that text it opens a new tab of the link on the database.

Sorry, I tried to simplify the concept I hope it’s clear.