How to search for posts that have the same topics than the ones that the current user is interested in?

Hi Bubblers,
I want to create an app with a section “For you” where the current users can see relevant posts that he would like. For it, I’ve created 8 topics (in a type named “domains”) in which the user can choose at least one when he signs up, and I attribute his selection to him (in a field named “domains of the user” in the user type). Moreover, I’ve also created a field “domains of the post” in the type Post type with the same 8 topics, and when a user creates a post he can attribute at least one “domain” to his post.
In my section “For you”, i would like to display in a repeating group a list of posts where at least one of the domains is the same as one of the domains of the current user.

The first time i did the search for the posts, in the constraints, i’ve put “domains of the post contains current user’s domains of the user random item” but it doesn’t work because it changes every time and it refer to only one item and if there is a concordance between several “domains of the post” and several “current user’s domains of the user”, it will not work.

Do you have an idea of how i could solve my problem and recommend posts according to the concordance of the domains ? Thank you in advance !