How to search for relational data

Hello, I have created a message page using bubble!

I have created a message page using bubble and I have a question about extending the functionality.

I am creating a function to search messages in a dropdown, and I am trying to search in the Engineer rank field of the User table as the content of the dropdown.

I tried the following URL as a way to search in the relational database, but it did not work. If you know the cause, please let me know.

*The Member field in this article is the to Group field in the image below.
*Like slack, the list of users is displayed on the left of the message screen.

<Image 1: In search for Room, to Group = current user filter, the upper “advanced” is a partial search with input. The lower “advanced” is a search using the dropdown in the content of this question. >

<Image 2: The contents of search for User in advanced under image 1. engineer Rank = dropdown specified in the dropdown,uniquid = the first user of this Room’s to Group minus current user uniquid>

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