How to search for this logic?

Hi I am trying to add a dropdown filter to my app so that people can do a search based on their checklist. Users Class have a Inner Class called CheckList, and CheckList has several attributes named “complete 1st step”, “complete 2nd step”,“complete 3rd step” etc. I am asking that how to have such a filter that could search all the users whose selected step is “incomplete”.

My logic is like this:
Search for Users where User’s Checklist’s [Dropdown value] = “incomplete”.

But I have no idea how to implement this, could anyone help? Thank you.

Hi there, @gaixin.hong… if I understand the concept you are describing, it might look something like this…


… and if the user selects Step 2 from the dropdown, only Users 1 and 3 would be shown…


Is that the idea?


Thanks so much for your applying. Yes, that is quite the way I am doing. What is the implementation of doing that? You do a search of the User or give several conditions? If you give several conditions, what if we have like 10 steps? Thank you again.

There are a number of ways to implement this concept, but I like the idea of having a list of incomplete steps (i.e., a list of texts) at the user level. So, a user’s incomplete steps list starts with all of the steps because they are all incomplete. Then, when a step is completed, you remove the step from the user’s incomplete steps list via an action in the same workflow where the step is completed. Finally, the repeating group is set up as a search for users with a constraint where the user’s incomplete steps list contains the step that is selected from the Choose a step… dropdown.

Does that make sense?


Okay, got it. Thank yoyu so much again!

My pleasure… happy to help! Best of luck with your app!


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