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How to search multiple data types in repeating group?

I have a repeating group w/ users. Repeating group is of data type = User

Two data types exist in my database:

  1. Data Type: User
    Field: firstname
    Field: surname
    Field: Auto Auto FK

  2. Data Type: Car
    Field: license plate
    Field: User User

So each User has 1 Auto.

I want to allow the user to set multiple constraints that apply to fields found in different datatypes. I have a search box to search trough the repeating group. I want to search trough the repeating group on both data types. So for example i want to search for firstname in data type User, but i also want to search for license plate in data type Car.

The problem is that i set the type of content for the repeating group to User, with the Data source as following: Do a search for Users. It has a constraint: Any Field contains input Searchbox’s value, but ofcourse it does not search for the license plate in data type Auto(because it is a other data type and not User data type). How can i also search in data type Auto?

Hi, use 2 different types in one RG doesn’t possible, but u can add car to user, and filter rg by car number

Or u can use “filtered” like that(it’s smth different example but with the same logic):

(in car search :point_down:)

Thanks for you response, User and Car are already linked to each other, so i already added car to user. I do not think this filtered will work, is there a other way?

Why do you think so? It’s work for me

I have a searchbox, in your solution i can not see where the input of the searchbox is used?

Use just input(search box can find only text fields in one data type), but u can set “filtered” on RG instead. E.g. - Advanced: [This other field) contains Input A.value] or [Do a search for car(where car_number = Input A.value and user = This user)]

There is a plugin that can do this for you.

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Hi all i am facing this issue with nested repeating group . Do let me know if u have any solution

Hi @samedgurses46,

I don’t know if you had this resolved already, but if not, I think you should take a look at this Plugin Quick Find Search (here is the Plugin page ). It allows for nested searches. Take a look at this demo searching nested objects.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.


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