How to search my database with a single field

Hi, Im building a drivers licence database and I’m trying to display one record at a time using a single filter, eg, using license number. Can anyone help me?

I assume you display all records using RG. using filter is constraint (in bubble language).
in the page you put your RG which will pull all driving licenses from database.
by doing searchfor in constraint you put driving linces number = search input or an input as you wish.

now when you search in that input you will get the exact result however if you left it empty you will get all records. you don’t want that. this you can control if you make condition on RG is visible only if that input is not empty.
(in the example i have used user database because i don’t have driving licenses database

Thank you solinz,

That very helpful. I appreciate it very much.
Now one more thing, I want to display a single drivers information using his / her licence number. Eg: if I enter the licence number into the search box it will navigate to the result page and show the particular drivers, name, address, Id Photo etc.

This is what I’m trying to do.

Screenshot from 2020-04-04 16-48-22

When I enter the licence number in the search box it should navigate to the result page to display the drivers information

In the gray group where there is driver information… you put source searchfor drivers:firstitem
then inside searchfore a constraint
Driver number = search input driver license number

I tried and its displaying all the fields in the same text box. What i really want is to display one field at time. I have some sample records in my database and when I preview the result page it is showing all the fields in the same test boxes. Eg. In the name text box it is showing all the names in the name field, and also all the license numbers in the licence number area. I might not be doing something right here.

I have one database setup already (Driver’s Information is the of the database)

Yes there is something you are doing wrong. in licence number and name it looks like you have did searchfor in there. you should do one searchfor in repeating group. and i have used group instead. i have not seen what you have done.
What is your app link. Can you make it public so i can have visit and check?

The grey Block should be a Repeating group.

Please feel free to login with this information and see what I’m doing. It is just for testing purposes so make comments for me to learn as I go along.

Loging: [email protected]

Password : skywolf43391

  1. License Number should be text in database so it is searchable (i have added one called License No
  2. Page type of content has to be identified so when you click on search and you go to result page you also send data to that page the information you want to display
    type of content
  3. you want the search not to be clickable until there is valid driving lic.
    is not clickable
  4. deleted empty workflows so you are not confused and clear errors so you are alerted when new one occur.
  5. send data to result page and the result page and ALL GROUPS (which some were empty) has to be same type driver information
  6. your input place holder is not the value. it is just a hint when expected to be there. initial content is the value which you always leave empty.
  7. I made two pages one from search page goes to driver_info_rg
    and another method or approach is result page.
    i have accomplish first step but in RG you need to include text easier to present.
    and read the forum watch gaby youtube channel from Coaching No Code Apps

Wow!! I can’t thank you enough for your help.

I will keep seeking for assistance from you, but for now I am more than HAPPY to work with what you have provided. THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN. :smile: :smile:

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No problem. But go to YouTube channel i told you about from @romanmg she is amazing and ofcourse the forum is very active. Don’t forget the help videos

Hi Solinz,

I decided to do the search on the single page. I used RG to display information, Everything seems to be working fine, but whe I put in the licence number in the search box it does not show the other fields for that record. I want to do it on a single page.

I shows the last record every time on page load, which I do not want. I know its simple but I might me overlooking something here. Thank you for your help

Element used are: Group, is the main Blue area and RG contains the Text boxes for field records. I hope this helps.

when you put driving licence in search field SearchBox Enter Drivers License No…?

what will tell Driver’s Information RG to look for what is in search field SearchBox Enter Drivers License No…?
you have to put condition inside Driver’s Information RG
which i did for you…

Thank you so much, its working now.

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