How to search plugins? Can't scroll forever

There’s 432 plugins at and I can’t figure out how to search for some. If I scroll down it shows a few more at a time, but this is not effective…

Any suggestions?

Hi @salesmarketingguy :slight_smile: A different way is to search within the Bubble Editor. If you open one of your apps and then go to Plugins --> click “Add Plugins” in the top right corner and this will appear:

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Thanks Faye - I realized that once I got into the tutorials. Was still a bit frustrating and I think it might scare off prospective members. Would seem easy to implement…

Ah, got it! No problem at all :slight_smile: I agree that would be helpful!

It makes me happy to now live in a world where there are too many plugins :smiley:


Yes but I’m a marketing guy so I’m thinking in terms of “could be many more customers”… :slight_smile:

I suggest this be fixed as it would bring in more customers for several reasons and also showcase searching.

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