How to secure my domain

I am having problems trying to obtain a secure connection under my application.

My domain ( and Sub domain ( is setup with a company called Ipage, Where I have my A records pointing to the bubble servers .

I recently purchased a wildcard SSL certificate so I could secure my domain in the browser and show the green secure lock sign.

I asked the server company to help me set it up and they have come back with the following response. I was wondering if anyone out there has done this before as to honest I have not got a clue where to start or how to do it? And how to configure the SSL.

Any Pointers would be much appreciated.


I could see that you have pointed the domain ‘’ and its subdomains to the external server IP address i.e. However, you need to configure the SSL certificate for your domain on external server of the above mentioned IP address for its proper functionality. I have uploaded bundle of SSL certificate files in the stats directory of your account with the file name ‘’. I would request you to download that file to your local machine and configure the SSL certificate with the help of the respective support team in external server. Once it is done, please check the functionality of accessing website and its subdomains with HTTPS.

thanks in advance

I’m not sure if it’s possible to do this way. The way I’ve always done it is by clicking the checkbox in the Settings tab that says something about “Serve this app over SSL”

It’s only available on paid plans, though, but since you’re using, you must already have a paid plan. I’d check the Settings tab.

Pay attention to the administrative details which are in the message while implementing ssl certificate. Lock the transfer of your domain so that it will not get deleted maybe there will be an issue about this in your case.

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