How to select as sql result

Good day fellow bubblers.

I have a mssql stored procedure that ends in select @value as returnvalue
Validating the mssql stored procedure picks up the returnvalue. I can populate an input box with the defaults.
I’m not able to get the updated result when I call the procedure with a submit button and updated values. Just need a gentle nudge from someone with more bubblefu as to how to get the new value and update my input box. Ie. My work flow understanding is very rudimentary.
Failing which I can always just store the result in the db and return as a query but it seems a bit long winded to have to build a whole clear, insert, Calc, store, retrieve process if it’s just me being dumb.
Thanks in advance.

mmm, ok well I’ve just had a look at it. Seems when I update input values needed for the calculation, the query fires automagically. No calculate button needed. On the one hand, concerning, on the other wow.