How to select multiple items (lasso) and pop into that group?


This function has to exist, but can’t find it. If I have four items and I draw a group around it, they don’t “join” that group. Can’t seem to find an option to do that when right clicking the group.
A little headachesome as have to drag the items into the group.
I am sure I am missing a trick.

Thank you!!!

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Completely agree. There should be much simpler / easier ways to do this. The only alternative I know, and it only works in occasions where you want a new group is to select the items and then right click and select “Group elements in a group.” This puts them into a new group.

:slight_smile: Yeah, I’ve got it working only sometimes as well.
Thanks very much for your reply.
I guess this may be a feature request. For me new to Bubble, it is a big pain to redo. I read Gabby’s excellent book on grouping and the light clicked. For someone who starts off doing it that way, it’s probably not a big deal.


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