How to selectively add items to a list


So I have different classes of products. I also want to upsell some products at checkout.

I have added an isUpsell - yes/no field in my database.

How do I display only the entries that have isUpsell = yes?

How are these entries being displayed? In a repeating group?

Yes in a repeating group. I want add products and upsells to a cart.

But I want to display the upsells right before checkout.

On mine, I have 3 categories of Products. The Thing (data file) is named Products.

The Categories are;

So when shopping, there’s a repeating group that Does a Search for Products, and the condition is;

So the TransactionType (should of named it category) is Package, this only shows them packages and hides anything else.

Then, the next screen they are shown a list of Add-Ons. So it’s another Repeating Group, Do a Search for Products, and the condition is;

Transaction Type = AddOns. This filters out anything that isn’t an add-on.

So in your case, one repeating group would be Do a Search For Products, and then add a condition where isUpsell=No
This should only show them the regular products.

Then create another repeating group, same paramaters but this time the isUpsell=Yes, and that will narrow it down to add-ons only.

Perfect. That works. Thank you so much

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