How to send Assessment data to Results page AND show recommendations in RG

I’ve built an assessment app that asks various questions about health choices. On the results page, I then show recommendations.

However, I’m trying to setup the /results page to show specific recommendations in the RG only when…

  1. they selected the least optimal choice on the /grader page (“best choice” field in “Answer (individual)” data type is either yes / no)
  2. the “topic” field on “Answer (individual)” matches the “topic” on the Recommendations entry

How do I achieve the above AND how do I send the data from the /grader page to the /results page in the correct way?


any thoughts? Would REALLY appreciate it. If something is not clear or there’s a better way to (re)approach this, I’m all ears! Thanks.

you are going to do this with conditional condition, on the field you what to limit your view on

also posting what you currently have would allow others to help you a little easier

Hi and thanks for the reply. I have posted a link to the app with edit privileges above in my initial post.


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