How to send current data in a modification form please?

Hi guy !

I am creating a cooking App with recipe and I would like to be able to modify any recipe by clicking on an icon. So I have created a pop-up with a form containing inputes and a worflow with the “make change to data” function when the form is submmitted.

I am struggling in sending data to the form…indeed I would like the inputs (the changeable ones) to be filled with the previous data but I can’t do this despite the fact that I have dynamically put a “parent’s group’s…” ine each input…

Hereunder is a video explaining y problem if it’s not clear

Thank you very much in advance for your help ! :wink:

To send the data to the popup, you just need to use a ‘Display Data’ action in your workflow, with the data to display being the current cell’s (or parent group’s) recipe.

Hi there,… this may not be the entire issue, but you are putting the expressions in the Placeholder fields of the elements in the edit popup instead of putting the expressions in the Initial content fields. So, try moving the expressions and see if you get the desired result.