How to send parameter of input email id user unique id in reset email?

In send password reset email i want to send email user’s unique id as well so that i can use that unique id further.
so don’t know how to send it. Help me.

Why do you need to use the unique ID?

And where are you trying to send it? (in the email? why?)

Actually, in workflow of create account we have to run an action api and in that api we need unique id of input email users.
And when we reset password then also in this workflow we have to run api in which there is ask of unique id.
so when we reset email then in this area i found difficulty that how to send unique id of input email user unique id. so that i can use this unique id in forget password workflow.

OK, so what’s the issue?

issue is when we send parameter to reset password page i need that user unique id also

Yeah, I understand that, but that’s the actual problem you’re having? (why can’t you do it?)

Also, I’m still not sure why you need to do this? (surely you can just use the current User’s unique ID, rather than having to include it in a URL parameter?)

In any case, what exactly is the problem you’re experiencing in doing this?

here is some screen shot

here is i want to send send input email user unique id.

so that i can use in this api. there is section of uid in which we have to fill unique id

cant use current user unique id because user is log out and forgets his password so in send reset email we want to send unique id of email which is filled.

So just enter the User’s Unique ID (based on their email address)… You’ll need to remove any ‘Find in search’ and ‘email field’ privacy rule restrictions for that to work though, so bear that in mind.

Actually this is new for me. Not able to do it.

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