How to send parameters to a group?

Hello everyone!

I have a single page app.

I would like to show a customer’s list of invoices when the user clicked on the customer name.

I’m sure it’s simple but I didn’t manage to do it. :sweat_smile:

I followed this great tutorial and others similar in the forum but no luck.

How would you do it? Any help would be great!

First of all, should the Repeating Group displaying the invoices be Invoice Data Type or Customer data type? And how do set up your RG to display current Customer’s invoices only?

Thank you!

Let’s say you have a database type of invoice

Lets say each invoice in your data would contain all the invoice data for a single invoice such as total, tax, etc

To fill out a repeating group you would do a search for invoices

^^This will show all invoices in the database.

Inside do a search for you can restrict your search results

For example: If you wanted to look at new invoices in the last month you would use
created date > current date - 1 month

Now what would you do if you wanted to restrict invoices to the current user?

One way to do that would be to have a field in Invoice with type of User (not the name but the type of data of the field). Let’s call the field “the purchasing user” and give it type User

Then you would fill out your repeating group expression restrict a do a search for with this
the purchasing user = current user

Thats just one way to do it and a common one.

You can also add a field into the User type in the database that with the name “a list of invoices” and set the type to Invoice and make it a list of things.

Then your RG expression would be

current user's a list of invoices (with the RG type of Invoice)

Thank you so much for you answer.

Actually it’s not a “User” type.

It’s an Invoicing single page app.

Let’s say you are a freelancer (the “User”), you have a list of “Customers” and a list of Invoices for each of your Customers.

This is the scenario I’d like to implement:
The Freelancer (User) clicks on a specific “Customer” in a Repeating Group (list of Customers) and it opens another Repeating Group with the list of invoices of this particular “Customer”.

So how do you make the connection between the two Repeating Groups. I’ve tried Go to page with parameters and Custom states but I didn’t manage to set it up.

Sorry, I haven’t been clear enough in my first message.

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I managed to do it with Custom States :wink:

Thank you for your help!

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