How to send unique id to floating group?

I am making a portion in which there is button and its type is club its source. so when we click add button then there is floating group which contains input and save. And floating group type is contract with its data source. What i need is when we save the data i want to store club unique id, so i made club data field. but dont know how to send unique id to floating group and then save in contract which is linked to club also.


Use the Display data in a group/popup action

Its not working because both have different source and type

Well then… make sure they have the same type…

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they dont have the same type because both contains different type.

Well, then there’s your problem… you can’t ‘send data’ if it’s a different type.

But you don’t need to ‘send’ send data to the floating group anyway - you can ‘send’ data anywhere you like and still read it from anywhere else (inside RG cells excepted)…

Same goes for a custom state. So use a custom state, or ANY group, anywhere on your page, and reference that.

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