How to send user data to different pages?

Okay so through my registration page I have saved some data such as username, user image. Now I want to use that data on some other pages of my project. How do I go about that?

I know that I will be required to send data in the workflow after the user registers. But I can’t seem to get it done. Can someone help?

Thanks. I just did the lesson. Now I am able to use the data but I have a small problem. When I redirect my users after sign up/ log in the workflow asks me to send data. However I am able to use data without filling out the this field. Is it necessary to fill out this field.

please help

If the page you’re directing the user to is set to a type User (or anything in general), then you need to send data. In your case, if type User, then just set the data to send as current user.

That page then gives you the ability to retrieve “current page user’s [field]” where the current page user is whatever user data you sent to it when you navigate there.

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