How to separate user data for each company

I’ve nearly finished the db structure for my app. However I still have a slight issue where I cannot get data to show.

Right now, a user logs into their account, they will see a list of companies that hold their data. But in each of those companies their data is different (this is proof of concept I’m trying to build). So in the example in the screenshot below, if you click meeva it will show your address, if you click Spotify it will show a different address. But I’m struggling to enable this in the database, because a company should have a unique dataset for each customer.

I’ve created a data attribute type of company datapoints and that contains a company field and user field. But how do I filter out the datapoints for the particular customer? Initially I thought it was:

This doesn’t seem to produce the result I’m expecting. I’ve tried a number of things and looked up some videos on DB structure, it’s all bits and pieces of information I need to pull together, but it’s proving difficult.

Have I thought the attribute fields wrong?

I’m making progress, but now it’s showing both the Spotify data for the user and the meeva data for the user. Any particular geniuses out there who could help me would be great!

Good day, did you manage to find a solution for your problem? If you did, do you mind sharing the solution as I’m currently dealing with a similar problem? Although my problem may not be as complex as yours at the time, I’m trying to create different databases for different users in order to manage the DBs effectively.
Thanks, in anticipation.

I did solve it in the end. It took a while. You need to implement privacy rules and filtering for groups (Do a search for).

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