How to set a child element that is outside of the parent?

How to set a child element that is outside of the parent?
Help, please.

Try dragging it into the parent. If need be, make the child smaller so you can drag more easily.

Was that your question?


No, I can’t put it inside parent

I need make button ‘Finish’ a child of Reapiting group

I need it because I need to solve problem below. I can’t manage list date that is not within the Repeating Group

So if I understand correctly, you’re selecting a list of things from the repeating group, and clicking Finish should make changes to those respective rows in the repeating group?

You’ll want to use a state then. And then clicking the Finish button would make changes to the things held in the state.

bro, I am trying to achieve all that stuff that you mentioned. I’ve already set the state on the page and set the workflow conditions, when a checkbox is checked then page’s condition changes to yes. As final, I need to insert page’s state condition into a field of Repeating group.

Guys, can you please help me with a tip?

What do you want the finish button to do when clicked?

So if I understood correctly, this is what you are trying to achieve. Right?

Check the link:

Yes, actually it.
I don’t know why, but I can’t do the same workflows that you made.
Especially I do not understand this one. It is extremely weird for me.

‘Type of things’ to change = ‘Events’, ‘List to change’ = ‘Finished yes’ and the first one is custom data type and the second is a custom state, there are not linked. Extremely weird for me.


oh god, could not imagine it is possible in

If you can share the editor link and give me edit access, I can check your case and do some changes.

Since Finish is not in the repeating group, you can’t access any of the repeating group events. To get around this, I made a custom state on the page. When the checkbox near any Event is checked, it adds this particular event to the custom state. Now, the “Finish” button can access these events outside the repeating group. I checked your app and saw that you are using a field called “Finished?” inside “Events” type and the field is type of “yes/no”. So I created the same field in the events data type and the default value of finished is “no”. So when the finish button is clicked, it changes all the events’ finished, that are added to the custom state, from “no” to “yes”.

I hope it is more clear now.

It was clear earlier, I am surprised that I can set custom data type for custom state

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Guys, can you please give me a tip how to write formula to show in RG only those fields that has ‘Finished?’ = ‘no’ + sorted by started value?

Click on “Search for”. Add a constraint "Finished?=“no”. Under constraints there is a field called “sorted by” choose Start date and choose if you want it descending or no.

can’t find ‘constrain’

Thank you

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