How to set data source params

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I have a question.
At the time of defining data source, how to use params of date range?
I want to use DB’s param with “is not contained by”, but I can’t do it.
If I set DB’s param at first place, the second choice doesn’t contain “is not contained by”.
What should I do?

Thank you for your helping.

Can you explain a bit more? Are you trying to define a data field with a date range type and display it in a group?

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@shunking1023 welcome to the community!

One easy way:

Start date < current date (or thing date)
End date > current date (or thing date)

Another one is to use date range operators:

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Thank you very much for your answer.

I think I asked the question in the wrong way, but it has been resolved.
The requirement is the ability to search for available homes by Airbnb duration.

The host states the dates they are available to invite (hereafter referred to as period A), the guest specifies the dates they want to use (hereafter referred to as period B), and the host house is only displayed if period A includes all of period B.

The problem I encountered was that if you have a list of periods, you can’t use them for filtering.
The solution was to create a separate type and set it as Relational data.

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