How to set dates for list of workouts


I’m creating a training plan with list of workouts. It looks like day1-workout1, day2-workout2, etc. Now I want to have the functionality, when user select the date from dataPicker, it assigns date for every day, of course it should be not same day but one after another.

For example, user selects 01.12.2023, then in the DB it looks something like

For days like “day1” I use numbers, so it’s just “1”.

I see the functionality of make changes to the list, but can’t find functionality to increase the calendar day for each item in the list. Please help

Hey @evsurnina :wave:

I am not sure exactly if this is what you are trying to do. You can get a list of dates using a plugin like this: 1T - List of Dates Plugin | Bubble

Does that help at all? :man_shrugging:

thanks @J805. Unfortunately not. This plugin creates list of dates in element.
I think I need some work in background.

Imagine you have a list of todos. And then you select the first day when you start with that list. I need somehow make it work that every todo is on separate calendar day. So one todo per day.

How to assign todo with the date and make it in a way that every next todo is on next calendar day?

So this plugin is only the first step. Once you get the list of dates, then you can run a backend workflow on a list of things. Then you can create a record for each of those days. Does that make sense?

There are probably a few different ways to accomplish what you are trying to do. This is just one option. :blush:

probably it makes sense but it’s toooo heavy on my opinion… Because it means then I have 2 lists and probably compare with indexes and only after that connect them… I was hoping for some more elegant solution

I guess I am just misunderstanding what you are trying to do here. :man_shrugging: I don’t see where you would need two lists. Maybe someone can chime in that understands what you are looking to do. I would be curious to see what someone else suggests. :blush:

Or maybe share some screenshots of what you are trying to achieve. :man_shrugging:

I actually solved it. At the moment I create list of items I add the field with “date” where I make “chosen_date” plus item number. No need for special plugins

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Glad you got it working. :raised_hands:

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