How to set input visibility based on repeating groups checkbox

I have created a data type called Item Categories.

I have a form with a repeating group.

Repeating Group Type of Content: Item Categories
Data Source: Search for Item Categories.

Inside each item in the Repeating Group is a checkbox (Label: Current Cell’s Item Categories’ Category Name)

I have an input item I have set to be not visible on page load. I would like to make the item visible when a specific checkbox in the RG has been checked.

How do I do this?

You could use a custom state on the repeating group, “is_visible” : boolean, default to false.

Then you define a workflow that is triggered by the checkboxes. You put your logic inside this workflow that will set the custom state to “is_visible:true”.

At your page level, your set the visibility of the element depending on the custom state of the RG.

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Thanks for this. I have created a custom state, but now I can’t figure out how to say if a particular checkbox (slug: category_other) is checked I should do something.

This is made with a workflow
Element → An input is changed → your_checkbox

Then, from the workflow you can access to “This cell’s Item Categories”, and you can do whatever logic you need.

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