How to set the "preferred_locales" parameter for Stripe


I can’t find a solution to set the “preferred_locales” parameter on the Customer Stripe object before a payment, so that the Stripe Billing invoices are then created in the right language for each Customer.

I have tried :

  • the official Stripe plugin, but this option is not available
  • the Stripe.js plugin, but this option is not available
  • the “Stripe API Customers” plugin : I managed to pass a value (ex: fr-FR or fr) without getting an error (using a Javascript to have pass data as an “Array”), but it is not taken into account : the Customer still has the English language when I view it in Stripe dashboard.

This seems like an essential feature, so I guess I’m missing something obvious here ?

Any help appreciated !
Thank you,

Hey, @fourmi4x,

Did you figured this out?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: :computer:

No sorry, I gave up, for now I’ll just re-generate invoices manually in Stripe dashboard with the right language for customers who ask for it.