How to set the user to receive an email when he registers? Please help

Hi everyone … How can I set that user who registered , get an email , that he was succesfully registered on app ?


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Hi there, @Joker9… if you are just trying to send an email to a user after they sign up, probably the easiest way you could go is to use the built-in Send email workflow action. Just add the action to your sign-up workflow, and that would do the trick.


I am very very green in … I payed the course , how to make an app … can you please explain me more clearly <3

In your sign-up workflow, add this action and fill in the fields. In the To field, you can use Current User's email.

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you are amazing really ! And what will be the text when they will get email ?

:laughing: The question we all want the answer to


Probably I have to put it here … And I have to put it in step 2 … and than step 3 , go to settings page … am i right?

Put the “Send an email” action before your “Go to page” action.

The “To” field will be Current user's email

Mike and I are assuming you want to send the email after their account is created. This is what you actually want?

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Yup, what Tyler said… and the text of the email will be whatever you put in the Body field of the workflow action. Just put the action in there and you will see what you have to fill out.

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