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How To Set This Stripe Situation Up...?

Is there a way to re-pre-authorize a card at the end of the typical 5 day authorization period automatically?

Here is what my application does and why (i think) it needs to pre-auth everything.

Users can all buy the same thing, and split the cost of that thing when the time is up on the auction.

So if there are 5 buyers of 1 product, the cost of that product gets split 5 ways… But you never know how many buyers in total there will be until the end of the auction of course.

So how can I set this up?

My first idea was to pre-auth for the full amount assuming that no one else would buy, and then settle later on at the end of the Auction and actually charge the customers card divided by the number of people you also purchased…

But what if they purchase the item more than 5 days early? The pre-authorization won’t help at that point. Any input on what I can do to set this up?

For some reason I think this has to do with “stripe invoicing” but there’s really nothing that describes how to set that up that I can find.

Even then, I am not sure that Stripe invoicing is the best approach either.

actually, these questions are more abot Stripe than Bubble, as you can integrate Stripe as you like wiht API Connector.

100% sure you can not. Stripe has a 7 days autorization period.
Only way to go beyond is to Register the card.

My app has a similar payment approach. I limited the deal period to 6 days with pre-auth payement, then I capture the payment throught an API call.

About invoicing, Stripe will invoice the final amount you’ll define, so that can do the job.

Interesting regarding the limitation to 6 days. And I figured as much on the re authorization being impossible.

How do you set up these api calls though so that cards are charged? Don’t you only have settings under workflow actions to communicate with stripe?

Or is there another way?

First be sure you’re familiar with Stripe API.
Then, use a call like this one for capturing a charge (without the Account parameter header - which is for Connected accounts)

What is the difference between this method vs. capturing the charge in the workflow settings?

Why use an API call when Bubble has Charge Card functionality built in?

The Charge action allows either an immediate payment, either a pre-auth payment.
There is no “Capture” action yet. That’s why it has to be done with the API Connector


Ah. I get it now. So pre-auth’s are done using the API connector or charges in the Workflow section. I will play around with these settings!

you’re welcome

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How about this one…

Is there a way to set an API workflow or something else to Pre-Auth the card 6 days before the end of the auction, even though they purchase the product much earlier than 6 days?

Not possible.

Do I need to SAVE the Authorization number from Stripe under the User in order to capture it later?

Does “Charge ID” = Authorization number if the system is set to authorize only?

I am saving this Charge ID under the thing… and then I’m using a call to Capture but I’m getting a Stripe URL error:

But inside my dashboard I do see this charge ID and it matches so why isn’t it Capturing the Authorization (or even seeing the charge/authorization all together):

seems to always be a lot of questions around stripe integration. someone could probably make big money if they created stripe tutorials/classes for Bubble


I agree. There needs to be a brief tutorial on the typical settings of how Stripe and Bubble interact…

Stripe has got 2500 users within Bubble alone not to mention the most widely developed payment platform for programming.

@JustinC you re error message says you ve passed in your request a list of two charges, not one.

I’ve integrated Stripe with almost all its common fonctionnality : direct charge, capture preauth charge, subscription, mananged accounts (if you re a plateform using Connect), refund charges and app fees, add invoice items when invoices are open, webhooks for getting alerts when something get wrong on my stripe account or on one of my seller account.
No time to create a tutorial but I can do some freelance on skype to answer questions and help to quickly setup secure payment system. Send private message if interested.

I’ve got the system working as far as I can pass the ID over but for some reason it gives me this error:

My field type is a Number and i’m formatting the value passed to Stripe to 2 decimal places. I have tried to format it as currency or just number but it’s still giving me this Invalid Integer error.