How To Set This Use Case Up In Bubble? Email Sequences and Intervals

Users can create email sequences in my application, which are marketing emails sent one after the other based on Hours from the last email sent…

The sequence can have unlimited emails.

The User can set up unlimited sequences that run on a Contact record (another user).

I’m assuming I can Schedule the API workflow to send the next email in the sequence at the next email interval time (+hours from current date/time).

How can I kick off the Sequences of emails, which is a list of Sequences that contain Emails with a specific time to send (i.e. 1 hour after Contact is created)?

I can schedule the single sequence of course, but i’ll have to know what that sequence is in order to schedule it, and I’m trying to allow my app Users to create their own Sequences and Triggers and email Intervals.

So I basically have to search for the Sequences, then schedule those sequences based on the Sequence 1st Email Interval time (current date/time+hrs where hrs is the 1st interval time) and then once that 1st email is sent, that workflow schedules the next email in the sequence to be run at that 2nd email interval time (+hrs).

Any ideas here?


Bump on this, as i’m stuck…

Any ideas on this one?


I don’t think I really understood the problem.

So you have a sequence 1,2,3,4,5 …

You find the lowest number (1) and Schedule that API and pass it the number 1

That API runs, then finds the next number > 1 …

Rinse and repeat.

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Yeah that will work from 1 email to another in the 1,2,3,4,5 email sequence, but what I’m having trouble with is scheduling a list of api backend workflows that are unlimited (that each contain sequences of emails, such as 1,2,3,4,5)

A Contact can signup to 1+ sequences with the 1st email of each sequence triggered at a different date/time.

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