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How to set up a search results page

you mean to make a gif and post it?

Make a video and convert it to gif

Then post it as an image

Ohh no sorry I meant on here :slight_smile:

Thanks for the detailed step-by-step process. However, I followed the process but it has not worked for me. I am developing a property listing App and implementing a multiple checkbox filtering feature where users can filter property by property type, location, rent or buy and price. I have set a datatype for property listing with Location, property type, rent or buy and price as data fields. I have also set up property type, location, rent or buy and price as data type and have saved them as lists since they each have multiple parameters to select from. I have also set up custom state for each of them. Where I started experiencing difficulties is setting the states in the workflow as per your demo e.g. “current cell’s…” is not listed as an option in defining value as in your example so it is not possible for me to set state value.

Your custom state data type needs to be the same data type as the data type in the repeating group you are setting the customs state value from.

If I am going to have a data type of ‘property type’ and I want a custom state to hold a value equal to the current cells property type…the custom state data type needs to be ‘property type’ as does the repeating group.

Hi, great post and it makes total sense. I am having issues trying to change existing User Text Data into List Data prior to setting states. Any tips on how you managed this?
I have tried to add User Data Type to another Data Type and had success here in adding it using the “add” field. However I need it to “set list” rather than add otherwise I keep creating multiple entries for one User. It won’t allow me to set list because my data fields need to be set to lists rather than text.

If i change my data text fields to list it changes the entire layout of my User Database and does not save these inputs into the database.

Any help massively appreciated!

I really don’t understand what you are trying to accomplish.

  1. What is the User Text Data?

Maybe you need to make your data field a type of User and not text, and make sure it is a list

I don’t know what you are referring to here…more explanation of what you are trying to do, what your User database looks like and what text fields you are trying to turn into a list, and what inputs you are trying to save from?

Also, sometimes it is necessary to change the layout of the database so it works for what we are trying to accomplish.

Thanks for responding to quickly, its rare that it happens so thank you!

My Goal is to display a list of User Profiles from a GeoSearch.

I have the database split into 2:

  1. Data that a User can input (I.E member profile, business name, pictures etc)
  2. Data collection from a customer Search (I.E customer’s email, their requirement- which can be provided to my Member Users as Leads.)

My goal is to find the most efficient way of querying and filtering member profiles based on search parameters of a customer, so similar to how you listed your hotel listings based on different filtered variables. .

In response to your points my 1. (what is User Text Data) see Screenshot. My User Data

I want to create a Data Type that collates these data fields into a list, so I can then run a search query against a List of User Profiles.

My first thought was when I Click Save Button (see screenshot) that not only does the save button save it to my User Database, It also saves it to a new Data Type which I can have logged as a list of texts rather than the singular text.

My issue for this is as mentioned above I cannot save text to a list and save text to a singular text field. Its either or and if I saved the data as a list of texts instead it does not dynamically display on my User Profile Page, which is probably because it doesn’t save to my database.

Now my second choice is to create a repeating group and display User Profiles in a list this way- see attachment.

This has worked in displaying the list. And it allows my to dynamically show User Profile details I want to show in a results page. However My challenge for this is displaying further details - IE a pop Up with more photos of that User Profile.

Do you know how I could link the User profile in the search result to a button inside the Repeating Group to display further details about the User Profile?

If I went with your proposed logic above- How did you link your “Data Field of Property Facilities to Data Type of Property Facilities.”

Put a data field on your user data type that is of type Geographic Address…then create a Contacts Data type…in contacts save the User data as a single entry…add a data field to that Contacts data type of type text labeled ID, which will be the ID of the User who the contact is made for (ie: I create a contact to save to my rollodex- so this is my ID, not the ID of the contact person)

Then on User data type create a data field that is Contacts and make it a list

Good evening @boston85719 ,

I’m reaching out to you cause I’ve seen you’ve been really helpful for some people regarding the filtering and sorting system.

As I was conducting User Research for my directory of ethical brands (, I gathered important modifications to apply to my filtering and sorting system, but I’m currently struggling setting up the workflows. That’s why I would like to know if you could help me in this task.

Thank you for having read me, and I hope you will be available to provide some welcomed advice.

@boston85719 Impressive technique. Thank you so much for sharing.

Is there a way to use data types as constraints rather than in the filter for efficiency?

Data types as constraints is possible but it takes multiple steps in the filtering of the type…

For example I have a data type of Meeting with a related data type of Events as a field

Screen Shot 2021-01-29 at 1.00.40 PM

There is no straight forward way of just typing some value. I need to create a system to find that related type to constrain by and this plays into your database structure in some instances.

Overall you can just do a search for that related type

And you’ll need to constrain that search in some way to find the correct related type; in this case event-type

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@boston85719 Thank you! The screenshots are really helpful. Will try this method and let you know .

A good suggestion in this post. This is a very helpful post.

Extremely helpful post. One of the most useful so far!