How to set up contact form

hello how do i get my contact form linked to my email address thank you very much

I think you need to provide a little more information about what you intend to do.

You want a contact form that sends information to your email address? A simple solution would be:

when they submit a contact form, you start a workflow: create new thing ‘contact request’ (or something) that has all the fields you have on your form. As the final step in the workflow you create an action ‘send email’ and send all the data to your email address. In the body you can then refer to the previous step (create new thing)

You could even skip the ‘create new thing’ part and go straight to email, then refer in the body of the email all the fields that have been filled out.

Reset the input fields and show a message (alert or toasty notification) and that is about it for a simple contact form.