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How to set "Version" (environment) as a condition variable in order to keep test data out of prod external database?

I have an issue where I’m trying to sync records created in my app also to airtable using the official bubble airtable plugin. However, there is an issue because I can only enter one API key in the plugin so all my test inputs in the Dev version are showing up in the prod airtable database and then I have to delete the records.

This is pretty much a total blocker for me continuing with this approach, especially since Ive googled and can’t find a way to set a workflow condition as Dev vs Live version to have the application skip the step of writing to airtable when in Dev mode.

Any ideas?

Fixed it, but I will post here for other people to search. There is a condition called “Isn’t Live Version” which I set to No using an Only When condition on the step