How to set view and edit permissions

Hi all,

I’m very new to bubble but aware of workflow actions and how to set them.
I’m trying to create a learning app similar to udemy, but I want to put view and edit restrictions here. Udemy is public and open to all. In my case, I have a data type ‘Company’. Each company will have it’s own instance of udemy clone. Meaning, the students, instructors and admins of company A should only be able to see and edit what’s there in Company A.
How can I achieve this?


Hi there, @ssimarpreet11… one way to do what you described (and a way that is all but necessary given a particular limitation of Bubble’s privacy rules) is to have a field on every data type that links to the Company data type. With that field in place, you will be able to create privacy rules that limit access to a company’s data to only the users who are associated with that company (that is, users who have the company in their Company field).

Hope this helps.


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