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How to setup database

i have app to create V-card , every user had “setting Page” name,image,bio and SocialMedia Links like this to edit his profile

and he have “Profile Page” to show this info to public with RG

my issue i can’t understand how to make datatype for this app because i have default icons for each of social media link … and i can’t use it in RG
if you have any idea to setup this?

Title (text)
URL link (text)
User (user)
Icon (image)

Repeating group
search for setting’s list settings with constraint user=current user

Inside the rg place an image element 30x30 pixels and set it to current cell’s setting icon

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thank you cmarchan
the issue is the title and icon is default value not require from user to upload this two fields…
that what is make me confuse !