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How to setup Discord Login

hello how do i setup a Discord Login on a Bubble app?

Message me on discord and i will help you

Contact information : Azpletic#2400

Hey @rino142309,

You can setup signup and login with Discord using Discord oAuth!

You can do this by using the Discord Plugin created by a plugin author, or you can create one yourself.

You will need to create an application through Discord for your oAuth connection.

Please refer to Discord’s documentation regarding oAuth:


okay thank you i will try to set it up

what plugin do i need?

can i use this

Hey @rino142309,

This seems to be a Discord Integration plugin for IPS, not Bubble.


Hey @rino142309,

I would suggest going with “Discord API” by @Tslimshady99.


okay thank you

do i need to code the stuff for the
if you can help me please dm me on discord Rino S. | TSD#0665

No, you simply need to put in the application info into the plugin’s configuration.


i did do that but i want to send msg from discord to the website how do i set that up?

That would be something more complicated. This topic was created in relation to logging in with Discord. You might want to look into API Calls, maybe Zapier too.


ok i did get the log in with discord to work now im trying to set it up so if you do !sync in you discord server it will sync your discord profile to the website @afterthoughtsystem


im trying to use that now

i need help with seting up the profilepicture and profilename on my website

Hey, can you please help me? I am trying to do the discord login and the API isn’t working?? Please message me on Discord: Brody Merritt#1446

did you change your name?