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How to setup one time workflows?


So- I’m trying to create a workflow that allows users to ‘authorise’ a payment transaction through Stripe API. Which is working a treat.

However the nature of the experience means we don’t want users to be able to do this more than once. Once the transaction has happened we need to disable that function for obvious reasons.

My questions is how can I best approach this?

  • Simply hiding the button after the transaction does not work as when reloaded it appears again.
  • Could I create a database field for amount due? and then change that field to zero once done?
  • Could I use a Stripe event to tell the button to hide if X is triggered?
  • `Is there a prebuilt Stripe process I have missed to avoid this?

To summarise can we have a button that allows a workflow to run once and then become ‘disabled?’

Thanks in advance!

You could have a yes/no field called “Authorized” which is set to “yes” when the user authorizes the stripe charge. Then have a condition on the button so that in only displays when Authorized is No.

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Awesome- tested and resolved. Thanks!