How To Setup This List Filter?

I have a Thing that has a list of Things within 250 miles already set in my database…

Now i’m trying to create a second list of of the same Things within 500 miles, EXCLUDING the ones that are already in the previous list within 250 miles.

Any help would be appreciated!

@JustinC You can set constraints with > and < for same field

If your question is more about using a modified view as a constraint in another modified view, we currently don’t support that.

Sorry i should have been more clear - this is running on an API workflow not a ‘view’ of the database.

@JustinC Recursive workflows on date modified or any other field that indicates it was part of the original list

I don’t think this was for this thread as it will be a bulk action not a scheduled api workflow and I’m simply trying to filter out the Things within 250 miles that are already in the database and preserve, essentially, the Things that are between 250 miles and 500 miles from the Thing’s fixed address.

Don’t mean to add to confusion here so last point :slight_smile: Bulk actions run an API workflow on the database entries in the current view. So if you have a large List A that contains a small List B where List B already had the bulk action run on it, if there is a database field that shows the action was run, you can either modify the database view with a constraint on that field or update the endpoint workflow action itself for that field.


Perhaps this offers clarity:

I already have a field under the Airport for Airports within 250 miles, what i’m trying to do now is set airports between 250-500 miles specifically.

So i think i need to filter OUT the airports that are already saved under the Airport that are within 250 which would create the range I’m after (airports between 250-500 miles)

Hope this offers more context.

Bump on this thread…

Help highly appreciated!

Any help on this?

Please and thank you!

i think what you are looking for is that when you do the search for within 250km you trigger a workflow: makes changes to thing, set a list of search results (a datafield that is a list of eg locations)
then when you do the 500km search, makes changes to thing and use the merge or remove list functions
maybe you can also use states to save the results

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