How to share an app

I would like to make an application in which restaurants can present their offer, and users can order food from them. Does the app have to be made as a mobile app or can it be shared among users in some other way? e.g. via link?

Since the majority of users will access via mobile phones, does the application have to be a single page or can it be on several pages?

Hey @smmarketing,

Yes, your users can share the link. If you want your users to be able to use your app on desktop, tablet and mobile just make sure it is responsive, this Youtube video explaines it well.

In addition to responsive design, you can also publish your app to the Android and IOS app stores using a service like BDK or by wrapping and publishing it yourself.

General consensus on this forum is that a single page app performs best on mobile because navigating to another page takes more time than conditionally showing and hiding elements. If your app is very big (contains a lot of elements) you can consider using multiple pages.

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Ps. there are several free and paid templates available at Templates | Bubble which probably already offer a lot of the funcionality you need for your app.

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