How to show a user only certain things? Connected through an option set

Hello y’all!

I am building an app which helps our marketing staff to organize and work on marketing activities.
These activities are the “Things” in my app. They have an option set with activity types (eg. Newsletter, landing page, banner ad and many more).
Each activity also has checkboxes do define the current state of work. Uninteresting for you.

The Users have the same option set where they can pick on which activites they want to work:
Person 1 in Marketing works on activity type 1 and 2
Person 2 is working on type 2 and 3
Person 3 is working on 4 and 5

My goal is, that each of these users have their own landing page that lists activites that have not yet been finished.

I managed to create a repeating group that lists all activites that have the fitting criteria. However this group shows ALL of the activities, not just the ones that have the matching type with the current user. I just can’t get this done - can you help me? This shouldn’t be to hard right?

Thanks for your help!!

What is the error here?


Mouse over it…