How to show all users in one text separtated by comma?

Hi I am trying to make roll text ticker and I want to show all user name or the slug of the users separated by comma.

It should look like this:
New members: @user1, @user2, @user3, @user4, @user5
Each user should have the “@ symbol” before the name and all should be separated by commas. Order should be creation date. Ideas?

If you do something like this:

You get something like this:

Does that help?

@firstfifteensoftware cool that works! Thx… Do you also know how I can add the "@"symbol infront of each users slug?
Bildschirmfoto 2022-12-22 um 13.46.31

Search for users: formatted as text would be your friend here

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@jared.gibb thanks man !

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