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How to show bubble pages to only authenticated users in my portal

How do I make bubble pages available to logged in users in my portal?

I have a portal where user can login and manage their data but I want to provide links to few bubble pages in portal, up on clicking the links will show bubble pages only for that authenticated user.

My question is, does bubble provide any authentication mechanism where I can automatically authenticate or show bubble page only for logged in portal user?

Thank you

Welcome to Bubble @mike56789,

Yes, there’s an authentication. But since your question is basic, and you are new to Bubble, the best approach is to read the tutorial and make some examples offered. You can also buy a template and start from there (faster way to learn).

I’m on my phone so can’t jump into Bubble, but it will be something to the effect of:

  1. Create a Workflow on the page you want to protect, triggered by page load
  2. Create a navigation event to the index or sign in page
  3. In the “only when” section use dynamic data and set it to current user is not logged in.

That’s it! If you don’t want to keep doing that for every page, you can create a page template with this Workflow.

Hope that helps!

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