How to show data in chart

Good afternoon guys I’m having a hard time saving a value, I have a restaurant manager what I need is to show in a graph how many orders I have in one day, this I managed to do however every time I delete an order this number has decreased in the graph, what I would not like to happen.

This is the orders screen I have three orders, two yesterday and one today

This is the report screen, at the moment it is displaying only the order that is on the dashboard but if I delete some of that number it will also disappear in the graph

I will delete an order from the previous day, and this is how the chart looks

I need to save variables to display in other charts, for example orders that have already been completed, orders canceled etc.

The graph is configured like this

Maybe I misunderstanding but, when you delete something from your database that change should be reflected in your chart shouldn’t it? If you get rid of the data don’t you want your chart to reflect the data there for the Datapoint should not be on the chart anymore if it’s deleted from the database?

I would think about having a field on your orders themselves that Have values like “in progress”, “complete”, “canceled” etc. This way you don’t have to delete any day that you can simply change the property value and filter it out when you’re trying to display data.

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