How to show data when input field or dropdown is empty

Hello! I’ve been stuck on this issue for a few hours now. I’ve done a search here on the forum, but I couldn’t solve it. My problem is: I have a page that allows the user to search by pressing the button. And this search is working normally. Both in the input field and in the dropdown. What I wanted, is that if the dropdown is empty or the input is empty, the repeating group will show all the data. Unfortunately, I couldn’t do it.

This is my repeating group:

My search button:

I appreciate any help!

Hey @kerenswan

Have you tried removing this filter on this condition?

yes! i did it! but i need this filter because i only want to show de Documentos Status = Concluída

Ok, have you tried to unchecked the “ignore empty constraints” checkbox nd only leave the status filter ?

I’m confused about your conditional datasource?..

It’s the same as the regular data source, no?

So what’s the point of it? What are you trying to do?

I did that because if i leave the condition empty it still doesn’t work

yes :frowning:

I use a conditional to change data source when the search box is empty. I use the same search essentially but filter it by the drop downs, ticking ignore Emptys but with the condition relating to the input removed.

If the search is not empty then it conditions on a match to the input and filters by the drop downs with ignore Emptys

What is Titulo value?
If you want the dropdown itself, it should be Dropdown’s value is empty

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