How to show direction, markers, and total pricing on Map Extended api with multiple stops. (Uber like app)

Hello I am trying to figure out where I can add multiple pickups and dropoffs and show on map extended mapping with total pricing.

I figured out a way to add multiple pickups and dropoffs using repeated group, but I don’t know how to plug that into a map extended api where it draws the polygon of all the stops and also calculating total pricing. It seems a bit tricky. Can anyone help me out?

You are asking about 136 different questions here, rolled into one.

It will help the community help you if you can break it down and focus on one question at a time.

Maybe start by providing us with a screenshot of the API call to the Google Maps API you are trying to make in the API connector, what it is currently returning to you, and what you need it to return instead. Please also include a link to the Google documentation covering the specific call you are making (which we will assume you’ve already reviewed yourself).

Thanks for your help. There are two main things I would like to solve.

  1. Pricing for the route

I want to figure out the total pricing of the two repeated groups which are pickup & dropoff repeated group. If it just simple one pickup and one dropoff, I know you can do “distance from” to calculate the total distance and create forumla to generate pricing of the distance, but I am not sure how to do that with multiple stops.

  1. Showing the route and markers using map extended api.

I already tried with one pickup and one dropoff and it works properly with my google api key. I just don’t know how to do this with multiple stops. As you see this workflow, it only show one origin(pickup) and one destination(dropoff), so I don’t know how I could resolve this.

Thank you!

  1. Add “:Sum” then multiply by whatever you need to in order to get final price.

  2. I’m not sure what plugin you are using here, but it’s not going to do what you need it to do (it only supports one origin and destination). You may need to have a custom one built or work directly with the APIs. You could try reaching out to the plugin developer and see if you could sponsor adding that as a feature.