How to Show Domains for the Corresponding Grade

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I uploaded data that includes grade levels and the domains and standards learned at that grade level.

Once the user has selected their grade level, I want only the domains for that grade level to show. For example, CC - Counting and Cardinality should only show for K (Kindergarten), but it currently appears on any grade list.

I also have not been able to filter the domains by grade level.

The dataset is a CSV with a list of the grade > the domain > and the standard (see photo)

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Can you add more info, so that you can get better help?
what is the structure of your data type?
what is the source of your dropdown?

Hi! I added more info and a screenshot. Hope that helps!

Did you store grade,domain and ccss standards as text fields in bubble?
What is the data source you have in your dropdowns?

If you want to filter based on the previous dropdown you should add constraints to the search, something like “grade is gradedropdown value” and tick the checkbox “ignore empty constraints” so that the constraints does not apply when nothing is selected in that dropdown.
You can read more about it in the manual here Search - Bubble Docs.

That worked - thank you so much!!

Happy to help :slight_smile:


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