How to show dynamic input form and handle variable data structures

Imagine I have a data type for recipes. Obviously, all recipes share some common attributes such as name, serving size, and prep time. But how would I handle dealing with different categories of recipes such that all baking recipes have different attributes than dinner or beverage recipes?

Currently, I have one Option Set called Categories and one Data Type called Recipes containing all of the shared attribute fields. But now that I’m trying to display a input form where users can edit the recipes, I’m confused as to how to show only fields that pertain to that recipe category, and moreover, how I should now structure my Data Type to handle the variable fields.
For instance, the beverage recipes may have a dropdown for the types of cup to use, but obviously this input field should not be shown for the other category types.

Hi @fazekas.devon

You are in the right path.

In your “recipes” data type you should have all needed fields (for all categories). And conditionally show for your users the ones they need to see based on the selected category. So, if they whant to create a Milk Shake recipe, show them the fields of the category “BEVERAGE”.