How to show exact address when uploading photo or video

Similarly to Instagram or FB, I’d like to make it so that:

  1. The end user can take/upload pictures and video directly in the app
  2. Whenever the pictures or video is taken, the exact street address it was taken at pops up

Is this possible? Any guidance on this?

Use current geographic position.

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But can it be automatic, though? Like not having to opt in. The pictures for the app need to be proof that the items being photographed, are indeed that of the end customer. I want it to be mandatory that the images are geo-tagged.

Due to the nature of the industry/product, it won’t be a violation of privacy.

Yes, you can create a workflow for automatically capture the position. The user have to allowed to use the position.
You can have a better experience if you use native development. You can use the resource offline, on bubble you have to be online.

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