How to show filtered database row?


So this is my issue:

GOAL: Make a specific list from database specific rows.
I made a repeating group with a text. set conditions if conditions true than show result

I wanna filter my database by one of the field type’s name.

PLease check my pic. Do you have any jedi instinct whats the solution? how can I filter my database row, by a specific field type?

There are so many tutorials available on how to do very basic things like this. Bubble’s lessons that appear when you first create an account will cover this. Searching this forum will provide the answer.

If the experts in this forum spend all their time answering these type questions again and again then they’ll never be able to help with something advanced, or fairly unique. I get a lot of help from this forum. I’d hate to see it go away.

You picked the right platform. Now spend the time it takes to learn the basics. It’ll be worth it.

Good luck!!:+1:

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Thanks @gnelson, no worry, I workin on it for hours, and soon or later I will figure it out. Also, doing lessons and youtube tutorials day by day, so soon or later I will find the perfect solution :slight_smile: ! Have a great day, and thanks for your time

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