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How to show message box?

I would like to show a message box when a visitor send an inquiry email from the website.

The message box would include:

  1. a text such as “message sent”
  2. “OK” button by clicking the box close.

I know that something similar canbe done by combination of pop-up element, but this does this seems to be so complicated. I just need a simple message box.

Is this possible?

Why not to use a pop-up that will be triggered by workflow after message is sent by visitor?

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Thank you for your reply.

I know this is possible. But if do this, I need to prepare a number of pop-up for this, and make the site noisy. Since this message box should be some thing simple (even in HTML there is this function), I thought there would be a way just to show message-box without preparing hidden pop-ups

How about an alert element? We’ve been avoiding showing the traditional alert box as it looks spammy on most websites… Facebook doesn’t have that for instance.

That seems nice, thank you. I will try (hope this does not look too spammy…)