How to "Show next" of a RG in another RG

Good morning,

  • I’m nocoding a budget app
  • There are several categories that contains sub-categories (4 levels deep). Classical.
  • I got a vertical RG that contains the category with their sub categories.
  • Each category in this first RG contains a second RG for the next months of budgets.
    I’d like with only one button do the “show next” of all the months RG in each categories.

“Show next” action for these second RG is available in Workflow action but it doesn’t do anything. It seems normal as the element selected in this action has multiple instances on run time.
I tryed to use a variable (custom state number) in each RG source to do as if but it’s very slow to change, and not enough clean-done to my mind.

Possible to do ?
Thank you friends

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