How to show only unique items for repeating group?


This may be a very specific question, but it seems like something that should be easier to do than it is.

Specifically: I’m trying to build our a submission platform that has different prices determined by different deadlines and across different categories.

My data for this section is structured by “Category” data type. In the category data type, there are fields for Category Name, Deadline Price, Deadline Date and Deadline Name.

I’ve successfully been able to build out a repeating group that removes categories with no deadlines in it and categories that’s deadlines have passed.

The problem now is that I see ALL of the remaining deadlines under each category. So If a category has 5 deadlines and 2 have passed: Those 2 are not visible in the repeating group, but unfortunately all the rest are. I need it to only show the information for the NEXT soonest deadline.

I figured if I could get the repeating group to only show Unique Category Names, it would show the next-soonest if I sorted by deadline date. But whenever I try to show only unique names, it doesn’t work.

Any advice would be very much appreciated.

I’ll try to attach photos below to explain myself a bit more.

What about filtering by status, sorting and and then using first item in a list?