How to show popup on click checkbox and return true on closed

Hi friends, I’m new here!

I’m having trouble dealing with this situation.


I have a term of use that I would like to open when clicked on the checkedbox and it returns as true when the popup closes

Can anybody help me!

Because the built in Pop Ups can be closed from clicking anywhere outside of the popup it would be hard to ensure the capture of closing it. It would probably work better to add a full screen floating group with no background or a background with low opacity such as 10% and then center a group within there to appear as your pop up. Add a conditional to the floating group that it is only visible if the specific checkbox is checked. Then once they click the checkbox it will apear. Now you will know that the only way to close the ‘popup’ will be to click an X in the top right corner as shown in your picture and on that workflow hide the floating group and set the value of ‘accepted terms’ to true.

Talking with know is another thing!
I’ve done it here, much better, I’m just getting caught up in the opacity, but I’ll get there.
Thanks a lot for the help!

Screen Shot 2022-04-13 at 12.33.42 PM

Checking this box will keep the popup from closing by clicking outside the group

Thank you my friend!
One more thing I learned!

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