How to show the info of purchased items after payment has been completed by customer?


I’ve an app which have a standard package that customers can buy. I use razorpay gateway to manage orders and payments, etc… So I’ve a payment page built on that gateway. So now I’ve a button in bubble page which would open an external link which is the link of that payment page. If a customer buys that then would be redirected to another page In my bubble app(This feature is provided by gateway itself). But the problem is when they’re redirected to the page, I want to show them a group which would have details of that payment and from there they would be able to access the features and services that they have purchased. But there is no option which could tell that the payment has been paid and moreover even a customer has reached to that page from an external website as well. So hotlw do I do that, I even purchased 2 plugins for that. But it still doesn’t have the option to do so. HELP!

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